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Our youngsters - maker of a resilient city

International Workshop on Urban Landscape (IWUL) 2021 Hong Kong - Resilient city; Landscape remediation (Online)

It was pleasure to be invited to the IWUL to share with the participants and professors on examples of how our young people are capable and creative in contributing to the development of a resilient city.

A short abstract of the invited lecture is as below.
Solving real-world issues through design has been often associated with the professional community. But students can also be one of the main actors in developing the resilience of our society through design innovations. This talk will provide some examples of how students are also capable of solving real-world problems through design. Perhaps, we may re-evaluate the potential of our younger generation to work hand-in-hand with the professionals in making a resilient city.

These examples are based on information collected from various overseas research trips on design education at pre-tertiary level. The collaborative project between the SDGs Design School (Kyushu University, Faculty of Design) and Fukusho High School, Fukuoka City is also included as part of the example.