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Student Research in Teaching and Learning Lab

Students in this lab are engaged in a variety of research and design. They are specialized in different areas of design. Some students are specialized in areas outside the discipline of design. But most of them have something in common. Students in the lab shared common interest in their concerns with issues related to the current education systems, sustainability, and the society. They explore how design can be used to solve issues related to our education systems, and in turn solving societal issues at large.
This page provides an overview of the research titles engaged by students in the lab.

Current number of student members in the lab

Undergraduate: 4
Research Student: 2
Master: 2
Students joining the lab through overseas exchange program: 0 (2 incoming students expected in AY 2023)

Past and Present Research Titles

Below are the titles of the research conducted by past and present students in the lab.

  • The Developments of Tents used in Modern Japanese Mountain Climbing: Based on the Period from the Dawn of Japanese Mountain Climbing to Present Time
  • A Research on the Effectiveness of Educational Facilities for Design Education in Elementary School: An Example Based on Art Subject in Public Elementary Schools in Fukuoka City
  • A study on the Educational Space and Facilities for Art and Craft Education in Japanese elementary schools
  • A Study on Educational Factors to Raise Children’s Consciousness for SDGs by the Montessori Method: An Example Based on Montessori Preschools in Fukuoka City
  • A Study of Learning Spaces for STEAM Education in Elementary Schools: A case study of Elementary Schools of Fukuoka
  • Research on the Possible use of Online Whiteboard for High School Design Education: A case study in Fukusho High School during Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Study on Active Learning Environment for Technology Education in Junior High Schools in Japan: An Example Based on Junior High Schools in Fukuoka City
  • A study on Communications between Students when using iPads during Group Discussion Led by the Process of Design Thinking: Based on an example from Fukusho High School
  • A study on the used clothing collection activities in apparel industry and non-profit organization: A case study based on Uniqlo and Fukuoka City Seaside 3R Station
  • Construction of Classrooms for Learning in Regular Classes of Elementary Schools A study of Support to Children with Developmental Disorders
  • The study of learning environments for STEAM activities in Technology Education in junior high schools
  • Study of visual images on students' perspective during English learning
  • Research to address the lack of knowledge faced by teachers during SDGS related design activities: Based on SDGs Challenge Project in Fukusho High School
  • more to be added…..(Last Update: Nov 2022)

Design works by students in the lab

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