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SDGs Design School Website, Jan 2023

Launching of the new SDGs Design School (Kyushu University, Faculty of Design) website

We are delighted to launch the new SDGs Design School website. Launching the website is a small step towards our mission to contribute to education through design. The website is bilingual to cater to all potential local and global audiences. We thank all our partners for their support! Thank you very much!

To visit the SDGs Design School website, click here

Campus visit by Prof Kuen-Yi LIN and his team, Jan 2023

We welcomed Prof LIN (Associate Dean and Distinguished Prof. at the College of Technology and Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University) and his team at the Faculty of Design. It was our pleasure to be able to show some of the advance labs, bio-food lab, digital fabrication lab and workshop facility in the faculty. We believe that our friendship and partnership with NTNU will continue to blossom in 2023. Thanks Prof LIN and his team for taking time to visit us at the beginning of a new year.

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