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Geiko Winter School, Nov 2023

We welcome 2 Winter School participants from Taiwan in our lab. We were also happy to bring our Taiwanese visitors for a school learning trip in Nokonoshima.

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A visit to Kunisaki High School

Our lab members visited Kunisaki High School to learn about the Space Steam projects in the school. Thanks to the hospitality of the Vice-Principal and Head Coordinator of the program, we had a fruitful learning journey.

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A visit to Doshisha Junior High School

Doshisha school visit in Oct 2023

Our lab members have a very fruitful visit to Doshisha Junior High School to learning about the educational innovations in the school. We also get to know how leadership in the school connects to curriculum innovations in the school. We thank Vice Principal Mr Numata Kazuya for his time and generosity in sharing many information with us. In the near future, we will hope to do a more detail study on the educational innovations in the school.





E&PDE 2023 Conference in Barcelona

Presentation in Barcelona, Sept 2023

Two of our lab student members presented their research papers in the E&PDE conference held in Barcelona. They received very important questions from the audience which will help them to further improve their research in the near future. Taking the opportunity in Barcelona, we also visited two design schools in Barcelona.



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A visit to Usa High School in Oita

Usa High School visit in Aug 2023

We took a day trip to visit Usa High School in Oita to understand the innovative lessons and projects done during the "Period for Inquiry-Based Cross-Disciplinary Study".

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Community Outreach: 2023 Minami Ward "Children's University" (南区こども大学)

P.E.A.S Workshop 2023, 22 July 2023

This year, our lab has collaborated with international students from different labs to organise a workshop for elementary school kids and their parents. This is part of the community outreach effort to connect international students in Ohashi Campus with the local community. For more information, please go to the official HP for the Faculty of Design: Click Here

SDGs Challenge Project, 2023

Since 2019, we have collaborated with a public high school in Fukuoka city to introduce SDGs Challenge Project into the main stream public school education. Started as a small workshop for 17 students, we are really excited that the SDGs Challenge Project is into its 3rd year for all 3rd Grade students in the school through the "Period for Inquiry-Based Cross-Disciplinary Study". Since 2021, our partner school has been named as a model school in Fukuoka city for implementing the SDGs Challenge Project as a form of inquiry-based learning in the "Period for Inquiry-Based Cross-Disciplinary Study".

This April, the school starts another new academic year for the SDGs Challenge Project 2023. For more information about the SDGs Challenge Project, please visit the SDGs Design School website.

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Taiwan School Visits, March 2023

Field visits in Taiwanese elementary, junior high and high schools

A fruitful learning journey and field survey was completed in March 2023. I sincerely thank National Taiwan Normal University, College of Technology and Engineering, for providing opportunity for my student and me to visit several centers of excellence for STEAM education, Technology, and Robotics in Taipei and New Taipei City. I would also like to sincerely thank Prof Kuen-yi LIN and his assistant for taking precious time from their busy schedule to accompany us for the school visits. Last but not least, we thank all the principals and teachers for their hospitality and time in explaining their programs and learning environments.
We look forward to continuing learning from educators in Taiwan, and strengthening our friendship and collaborative relationships with educators in Taiwan and the faculty members of National Taiwan Normal University.

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SDGs Design School Website, Jan 2023

Launching of the new SDGs Design School (Kyushu University, Faculty of Design) website

We are delighted to launch the new SDGs Design School website. Launching the website is a small step towards our mission to contribute to education through design. The website is bilingual to cater to all potential local and global audiences. We thank all our partners for their support! Thank you very much!

To visit the SDGs Design School website, click here

Campus visit by Prof Kuen-Yi LIN and his team, Jan 2023

We welcomed Prof LIN (Associate Dean and Distinguished Prof. at the College of Technology and Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University) and his team at the Faculty of Design. It was our pleasure to be able to show some of the advance labs, bio-food lab, digital fabrication lab and workshop facility in the faculty. We believe that our friendship and partnership with NTNU will continue to blossom in 2023. Thanks Prof LIN and his team for taking time to visit us at the beginning of a new year.

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